What to do with those left over Easter Eggs???

By: The Finally TV Kitchen

Those wonderful, colorfully decorated, delicious beauties!They are great to find, better to color and much more fun to collect.And once we’ve collected all of the eggs to be had, and we’ve stuffed everyone under 20 with chocolates and sweets, it’s time for a little protein.That’s where the eggs come in; eggs have a nice amount of protein.

The way we’re going to prepare them, deliciously and with a few ingredients, will be, of course, fast and easy.

Your Easter leftover eggs will be certain to be the talk of Easter’s to come.

Now, no one really ever knows what to do with all of the hardboiled eggs, and usually we end up limiting how many may be colored and then we’re nicknamed Easter Ogres instead of Sweet Bunnies.So, forget about how many they color and live!

The most consistently favored egg recipes we will be preparing are:image

Deviled Eggs

Egg Salad

Stuffed Tomatoes

If you will be blowing out your egg and decorating it, we highly recommend saving the inside yolk and whites for omelets, French toast, chiles rellenos, quiche or even a delicious dinner cake.

In this recipe our eggs are hard-boiled.

Also, in these recipes, you’ll need for each recipe.

Deviled Eggs


Hard Boiled Eggs – cut in half, lengthwise

Pickle Relish – enough for taste

Yellow French’s Mustard – 1 tsp-ish

Mayonnaise – enough to be creamy

Celery – 2 Stocks, one to dice, one to eat

Paprika – sprinkle on top

Purple Onion – dice/mince; enough for color and taste.


Most already know this, but as a refresher or for our unfamiliar
guests.hard-boil the eggs.After which, cut in half, lengthwise
and remove the yolks.

Place yolks in a dish to mix all of the ingredients.

Mash the yolks and mix in all of the other ingredients.Taste.
Fix it to taste so that it is to your liking.

Take the yolk mixture and stuff the open egg.

Sprinkle the egg tops with paprika and serve.

Egg Salad


Same as above

Mint leaf/Parsley Leaf/Cilantro Leaf

Same ingredients as the Deviled Eggs, only instead of
mashing the yolks, leave the eggs chunkier by cutting
them all together into little cubes.

An egg slicer, used and then the egg turned, and then
cut again is perfect for this dish.


Mix all of the ingredients together and then spread upon
you favorite sandwich bread.For a little more elegance
and festivity, place the mixture upon the petite breads and
serve open faced with a mint leaf or parsley leaf or cilantro
leaf placed upon the top.

For a tea, butter one side of the little bread and toss in
a pan to crisp it.Remove and spread the mixture, then serve.
They really make terrific canapés!The Egg Salad Sandwich
goes well accompanied with your favorite chips and a piece
of fruit or dill pickle.

Stuffed Tomato



 Same as Egg Salad Ingredients and Instruction

Can of Tuna

Lettuce Leaf for serving

Slice of Lemon


Mix all of the ingredients together as you do with the egg salad; only this time use a couple of eggs in order to not dilute the tuna.

Add the tuna.Mix well.

 Take the tomatoes, beefsteaks tomatoes work well because of their roundness, although we used Roma Tomatoes.Cut the tomatoes top off and core it.Be careful not to slice through the tomato.Stuff the tomato.

Serve on a bed of lettuce for decoration and a lemon wedge for drizzling upon the tomato and tuna mixture.

We all love eggs and we all love Easter and we all love health and nutrition. So, this year we’ll combine all of them and have a happier and healthier Easter season!

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